Metal Carbene Consortium

February 5-7, 2020

Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

Discoveries and developments in divalent carbene and nitrene chemistry over the past decades have made possible extensive investments and exciting opportunities in fields ranging from materials to medicine. What was nearly impossible twenty years ago is becoming common today. Recognizing the potential of the science and technologies surrounding these discoveries several faculty came together to establish the Metal Carbene Consortium whose purpose is to encourage research, foster collaborations, and publicize new developments in metal carbene and related areas internationally. The Metal-Carbene Consortium held its first Symposium in December 2016 at the University of Hong Kong and its second Symposium in June, 2018 at Peking University in Beijing, China. Based on the success of these meetings, they will be held with regularity, and the next is scheduled for February 5-7 in San Antonio and organized through the University of Texas at San Antonio.


The San Antonio Symposium will feature invited lectures provided by leaders in carbene and nitrene chemistries and poster sessions for contributing presentations. Topical areas include catalytic reactions of metal carbenes and nitrenes and their applications, novel ways to generate carbenes and nitrenes, carbenes as catalysts, and theoretical implications for carbene and nitrene reactions. Applications in biology and medicine, materials development, mechanistic understanding, and late-stage functionalization will be featured. Past symposia demonstrated the unique advantages of these meetings in the building of connections and fostering national and international collaborations. 


The Symposium and its functions will be held at the historic Menger Hotel, centrally located in San Antonio and a short walk from the Alamo and the famous San Antonio River Walk. The Menger Hotel is the oldest continuously operating hotel west of the Mississippi. The hotel has hosted generations of guests who delight in its architectural grandeur, glamorous public spaces and thoughtful, modern-day services and amenities. 

The Menger Hotel, primary venue for the 2020 Symposium

The Alamo, famous historic site in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas